01/11/2021 23:39

$LM Funding I am posting this pic of my positions in this stock. I traded this stock 3 times. 2 wins 1 loss. The only reason I am posting this is to teach you guys when to get out of your position when you see a confirmed downtrend. My second trade with LMFA was a 3K loss. Overall I made 7K with this but I did take a loss on a bullish stocks when I noticed a downtrend. I would say don't get too much disheartened. There will be lot of opportunities in the future. I had 15K in my account. Lost 8K and was left with only 7K. From that 7K, I made it to 43K currently in my account. It is a healthy learning curve. Only the dedicated/hard working and quick learners survive day-trading. People who quit soon never become successful be it in trading or any other profession. God Bless You ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
LM Funding-0
LM Funding-1
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Sharonidk01/12/2021 12:42
any advice on what to look for in the financial sector of a stock and chart readings as to pick a good stock?


tre***com01/12/2021 00:31
Just stared following you. Your help seems genuine.

BadassJolly01/12/2021 00:35



4thefunof.it01/11/2021 23:51
just think how good you would have been sitting if you held 31k shares at 1.30 until it hit 4+.

BadassJolly01/11/2021 23:54

I know right... however, The moment I bought 30K shares at 1.30, the stock dropped to 96 cents and I was losing 9K on the trade. So, I decided to get out of the trade at break even. Though I was able to catch 2 cents making $600 profit


BadassJolly01/11/2021 23:48
Many people getting confused that I was short in the trade. Check from the bottom of the pic... the day/time of the trade. I was long on all 3 trades !!! I lost 3K in my second trade and it was long! Check the time of buy/sell before saying I was short...smdh


GMoney01/11/2021 23:46
@BadassJolly I need you help bro ๐Ÿ˜Ž

BadassJolly01/11/2021 23:51

follow me for such insights... I would love to help any serious/intelligent fellow trader...


Mcs***com01/11/2021 23:46
As soon as I get my account over 25K Iโ€™ll be able to do just that. until then, you really canโ€™t give that good advice to everyone applicably.

BadassJolly01/11/2021 23:49

so you mean it is smart decision to trade a penny stock without ability to buy/sell the same day? This is super risky... If you trade penny stock, make sure you can get out the same day. Otherwise don't trade it !!!


Kar***com01/11/2021 23:44
So...keep it? Ty

BadassJolly01/12/2021 00:02

how many shares you have?


Go big or go MOON!01/11/2021 23:44
Congrats. Unfortunately many shorted this stock just like you did and its the reason why it not go supernova.

osu***com01/12/2021 03:35

What he did is not shorting.

PaPaStewySnipes01/12/2021 00:23

big big is a noob, please excusehim.

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