01/12/2021 00:27

$LM Funding as per filing of Form S-1 LMF Aquisition Opportunities Inc with SEC on 8 Jan 21.

- LMFA plans to launch its own blank-check company.

- If approved to trade on NASDAQ the ticker will change to LMAO.

- Company plans to raise $75mill through offering at $10 per unit.

Once the ticker changes to LMAO shares should start trading at $10 minimum.

LMAO will target companies in financial services and tech sector.

Merger with? Unknown at this time.

Anyone willing to add anything more of value...you know what to do.
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Speculator10101/12/2021 01:01
Sorry guys. I believe my original post was misleading. It seems like our shares will stay as LMFA.

LMFA has a subsidiary (subdivision) called LM Funding. It is this company that will change it’s ticker to LMAO.

To participate/benefit in the SPAC merger you would need to purchase “LMAO” which could possibly be priced at $10 per share at IPO (I’m not 100% certain).

We can only speculate that this will add value to the parent company which is LMFA. Damn, it’s hard to judge what would be an acceptable PT for the future.


ord***com01/12/2021 00:46
would existing shares become worth $10 or would you just have first crack at purchasing shares at $10 and/or converting say 5 $2 shares into one at the new price?

Speculator10101/12/2021 01:20

According to my understanding now, we keep our LMFA shares as is. Nothing will change. LMFA owns 20% of the company that will be listed as LMAO. At this time we can only speculate how this will impact the price of LMFA.


Rogue_Popcorn01/12/2021 00:44
So when this happens and the ticker is changed, we keep our shares but they are now valued at 10.0 minimum, just that easy?

Speculator10101/12/2021 01:15

I wish it were. But LMFA won’t be changing. They are sponsoring a subsidiary company within LMFA. It’s this company that will trade at $10 on NASDAQ under ticker LMAO.

LMFA would own 20% of LMAO. Theoretically this should boost the price of LMFA. By how much is anyone’s guess. Perhaps a good PT would be $8-$10.


Speculator10101/12/2021 00:42
Yeah I was just reading that. So LMFA will stay the same. Its the subsidiary “LM Funding” that’s applying as a blank-check company to be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker “LMAO”.

This was confusing at first but now it makes sense.


sha**2021=1,000%01/12/2021 00:37
so the answer to my question is yes.... upon approval LMFA will BECOME A SPAC, and we would then own LMAO, which would be valued@10 the day off offering..... would we also get the warrants?


newbie01/12/2021 00:30
I was under impression this ticker LMFA will not change, they are getting a new ticker for ipo LMAO


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