01/12/2021 01:59

$LM Funding so LMFA will own 20% of the blank check company that will be listed on NASDAQ as “LMAO”.

LMAO IPO would be 75 million units at $10 each.

As LMFA stock holders we not entitled to anything but LMFA stock.

At IPO of LMAO, LMFA value should be 20% of $75mill or $15 mill.

If LMAO is valued at $10 per share that adds $15 mill to LMFA.

When LMAO increases to $15 per share then LMFA should increase to 22.5 million.

If LMAO reaches $20 per share then LMFA value should increase to $30 million.

Current market cap approx 37mill.

There should be plenty room for upside post merger + hype.
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All Comments(7)

Zayo01/12/2021 02:50
Agreed holding the line 📈

Speculator10101/12/2021 04:26

Hopefully its not matter of if but when 🤞🏽


pha***com01/12/2021 02:29
thanks for very informative support. Please advise if we'd better own LMFA or LMAO??? thanks. 🤗🤗🤗

Speculator10101/12/2021 04:05

Lol I wish i knew which would yield better returns. If you get LMAO at $10 or just a little over its possible to make 60 to 80% profit if LMAO price reaches $18. But depending on who they merge with in time it could go $20+ Its too much of a wait for an 80% profit i think. LMFA is the dark horse. If I can score a 100% proft with LMFA I will probably take profit & run unless there is spectacular PR.


Sti***com01/12/2021 02:14
Who wants to wait two years

Speculator10101/12/2021 03:59

Its unlikely that it would take 2 years. Similar SPAC mergers took 2 months or less from IPO to signed deal.


Spudsmydaddy01/12/2021 02:13
Let me ask you if we keep hour shares & Their is no merge do we get Our money back ? I keep reading that we do

Speculator10101/12/2021 04:09

I’m not 100% certain but if that is the case it will most likely apply to people that own LMAO shares and not us who hold LMFA.


LowRarri01/12/2021 02:08
Yeah but with this type of downward momentum there is a good chance this thing will never even get to $10 for those deals to even take place lmao

Spudsmydaddy01/12/2021 02:10

Read again slower


bluechip886701/12/2021 02:06
well first they have to find someone to merge with and it can take 2 years second original ipo is for 75 million dollars and they expect to be at 750 million at close which is 2 year time frame but if they cany close in 2 years its worth nothing and also if shareholders don't like the terms or company they can vote no to merge if not enough vote also merge can be declined so to much speculations for now

Speculator10101/12/2021 03:52

Since LMAO would seek to merge with financial tech company lets compare info to other financial tech companies:

1. Finserv Acquisition Corp IPO - 1 Nov 20. Finserv signs deal to merge with Katapult Holdings - 18 Dec 20. Thats about 6 weeks from IPO to a deal.

2. Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp or IPOE did an IPO on 9 Oct 20. Merger agreement with Sofi signed on 7 Jan 21. About 8 weeks from IPO to deal.

As you can see it would more likely take approx 2 months as opposed to 2 years.


Mr Diamond Hands01/12/2021 02:02
everyone just has no patience and paper hands

Speculator10101/12/2021 04:21

This whole stock market is a shit show. Everything is fake and manipulated. Pennies are popping off like popcorn all over the show. Peeps are spending their stimulus checks. But in the end the house aka the banks and wall street always wins.


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