01/12/2021 21:32

$LM Funding Can't continue to average it down any longer. FML 🙄 I need to get out this asap. As soon as I am green I’m gtfoh.. -20k almost.. Why is there’s no more news on this one if there was any confusion with any of the SPAC merge. What I am afraid is it could go in f*ucking cents like they were before Friday (last week) I can't believe I let this slip when I had 42K profit but I was still holding 😭
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ItsNtALosUnlessuSell01/12/2021 22:15
If it goes to cents it will be even cheaper to avg down and multiply position just be calm man and dont over think or over react... yess its failing.. Yess your down but its not over... hold till return or if it drops to pennies easily and cheaply avg down🤷🏿‍♂️


CaBu9001/12/2021 21:45
Man i always secure profits on a parabolic movement... we all knew it was going to correct back down until more news comes. There also seems to be a lot of confusion of what is happening here.


Jonny G01/12/2021 21:34

how much more profit are you looking for than 40k😬😬😬

Letzgooo01/12/2021 21:38

hold if yoy can man

See***com01/12/2021 21:35

But I didn't take any profit man.. I holded it to go more higher.. I know my greed has f*uck me all over again


PRIMEALETE 01/12/2021 21:33
Dude news is coming this week, PrOmise you!

ItsNtALosUnlessuSell01/12/2021 22:13

Lol he promised gtfo

See***com01/12/2021 21:50



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