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01/12/2021 23:55

$LM Funding why are people adamant about it getting to 10. That is the highest this stock has ever been. Are we really thinking it's going to magically break record highs from record lows? This stock has destroyed my account. Got in thinking I could ride a 5% swing cause of the hype. Didn't cut my losses when I should have and now contemplating pulling the plug if I can just reduce losses a bit...
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newbie01/12/2021 23:59
the 10 high estimate is because of the ipo of their spac being offered for 10 right out the gates and the thought behind that is that ipo's usually go way higher 1st day.. again just relaying other peoples thought processes


LamborghiniMoney01/12/2021 23:58
Its not getting to 10. This may get to 10 $LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc

newbie01/13/2021 00:00

correct but this stock is the parent company, so other peoples impressions were that if that was 10 or higher, shouldn't this stock be

LamborghiniMoney01/13/2021 00:00

"affiliated" sponsor...

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somewhitekid01/12/2021 23:58
SPAC merger. value is 10+. Shorts have killed it since yesterday.


newbie01/12/2021 23:58
if you sell and jump on a good runner that would be the only reason otherwise it should go to 4 at least and then in future maybe higher than the spac because this is the parent company.. but do what you think is best with your money


Qtimpya01/12/2021 23:56
Go cry on stockwits


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