01/13/2021 01:07

$LM Funding Ok guys . lets stop commenting future price predictions and blame for shorters. lets have a discussion about tenchnical and fundamental.
Is this stock really converting as a spac or a different symbol will create for the spac?
Thats is the thing we need to officially findout if we all need to hold this stock fir long term
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WingzNthingz01/13/2021 03:24
The new spac will be lmfao and lmfa will own 20% which of 500mIllion will be 50-100 million and if the spac goes up past 10$ this is likely to follow 😘


TSKmar01/13/2021 01:29
The new spac from $LM Funding LMFA is, wait for it.....LMFAO and traded as LMAO $LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc . The 8-K was filled on January 8th and can be found under the press releases for LMFA right h...


Speculator10101/13/2021 01:28
LMA Acquisition is the SPAC blank check company which is in progress at the SEC.

LMFA is sponsoring LMA Acquisition. Once the SEC gives the go ahead to list on NASDAQ it is LMA Acquisition that becomes ticker LMAO.

I stand to be corrected i believe LMFA will hold 20% ownership in LMA Acquisition or LMAO.


Tof***com01/13/2021 01:10
You should know the answer already

Irfan01/13/2021 01:24

No im not . may be I’m not smart as you


Ritzcarlton01/13/2021 01:08
I agree. lets call the SPAC headquarters

Irfan01/13/2021 01:10

Is there something like that? I’m really confused about the news about the LMFA spac. no article clearly mentioned how this spac Happen


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