Smarmy McBigbux

01/13/2021 05:35

$LM Funding ok. spent the past couple hours reading SEC filings and I think I can simplify whats going on.....

if you're familiar with the recent billionaire SPAC craze, you should be familiar with Chimath and IPOB, IPOC, IPOD etc. Chimath owns those SPACS that later merges with a company and then Chimath owns a portion of the business combination. We can invest in IPOB, IPOC, IPOD etc but we can't invest in Chimath...."The Sponsor"

$LM Funding is playing the role of Chimath...."The Sponsor". $LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc is playing the role of the SPAC company. LMAOU Will merge as a SPAC and $LM Funding will own a portion of that combination.

And just like Chimath creates another IPOB, IPOC, IPOD....LMAOU after it merges will do another like LMAO2, LMAO3 so on an so forth with $LM Funding owning a piece of each combination
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All Comments(10)

Lonestar01/13/2021 21:02
So in laymens terms, hold? Lol


Moementum01/13/2021 21:01
and they will LMAO all the way to the bank while "investors" are promoted to bag holders
rinse and repeat


a__p01/13/2021 11:04
DD simplified I'm in agreement same reason I'm buying up the lows here. Holding long.


Longth01/13/2021 05:54
Well said, im gonna screenshot this and post it On stockwits, if you mind.

Smarmy McBigbux01/13/2021 05:56

i'm fine with that....thanks for the shout out 😊


Tof***com01/13/2021 05:53
20 percent is pretty good

Mat***com01/13/2021 07:02

Its damn good, IMO


brando01/13/2021 05:43


sun***com01/13/2021 05:40
EXactly u nailed ...n the parent company lmaf or chimath will be more Valueable thn individual ipo affiliates

Tof***com01/13/2021 05:40

As long as successful If fails then no


Tof***com01/13/2021 05:40
Now that you know the truth How does it change your outlook I knew that and still bought at $4

Tof***com01/13/2021 06:05

You are better off than me Looks like you did really good to get it down to $2 something

Smarmy McBigbux01/13/2021 05:55

I entered under the impression they made an acquisition so I got stuck holding. avg'd down and sitting with 1500@2.18. the one thing bag holders have going for them right now is the low float so it will move soon just off of that. I think it can kiss 4.50-5.00 but probably won't hold long until information is released later. expect something 1/18 and then again 52 days from this past friday


Tof***com01/13/2021 05:38
That is what i read and thought maybe 3 Or 4 days ago But i dont know much but that is what it sounded like


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