01/06/2021 15:53

$Diamondback Gas will Always be the Black #Gold
$TESLA I believe in Electric but Gas will never End!
If you don’t believe me, Ask $Lockheed if they can make an electric fighters F-35!

Wake up $NIO Inc. $Nikola Corporation $Fisker Inc $XPENG INC. and make sure you have Gas in your Portfolio!

Imagine when $Diamondback hits one day it’s 52 weeks high, $90 ish. This stock is paying great 👍 #Dividends too! Don’t miss out!
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All Comments(4)

rac***com01/06/2021 16:00
Oil...not gas....saudi's are squeezing production, big deal

mor***com01/06/2021 16:19

I meant to say Oil not Gas. Thank you 🙏


Jerm🐺01/06/2021 15:55
Ever heard of FuelCell? LOL they've got something to say about aircraft and the military requiring gas or oil. 😂 Hydrogen WILL replace gas and oil.. Just not electricity. :)

mor***com01/06/2021 16:05

Hydrogen won’t be everything! We will continue using Gas for decades even if hydrogen comes to the light!

mor***com01/06/2021 16:02

Electric fighters won’t happen and if they do, it won’t be anytime soon!
What about Space ships 🚀 , Ask Elon Musk if he can make Electric Space X!


NickStocksCash01/06/2021 15:55
A electric F-35 lol please research

mor***com01/06/2021 15:59

Thanks for clarifying. Fighters will never be electric, Neither Space X!

wal***com01/06/2021 15:56

thts what he is saying. he is literally saying they cant


Jerm🐺01/06/2021 15:55


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