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11/19/2020 08:23

#Cryptocurrency Trading is now available with Webull Crypto! Click the link below to get started!
Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity amongst traders over the last few years, due in part to its speed of transaction, decentralized investing and higher market volatility, which gives traders ample opportunities to build their portfolio. We are excited to announce that we have added Cryptocurrency trading to our list of product offerings.

Why trade cryptos with Webull Crypto?

Trade with 0 Commissions:
Buy and sell crypto currencies at a $1 minimum with zero commission!

Trade 4 Popular Crypto currencies :
Webull Crypto allows you to buy or sell fractions of four cryptocurrencies, $Bitcoin (BTC), $Bitcoin Cash (BCH), $Ethereum (ETH) and $Litecoin (LTC), at a $1 minimum! Crypto trading has instant settlement, which gives you funds back instantly.

Trade Cryptos 24/7:
Crypto trading is available for Webull brokerage account holders, 24/7, 365 days a year, except for a one-hour routine maintenance a day, which takes place between 5:30pm - 6:30pm ET. We support Day orders and IOC (Immediate-or-Cancel) orders for Crypto Trading.

Free Real-time Data:
Webull offers complimentary real-time crypto data, with 8 Charts and more than 50 indicators to help users analyze the market. We also offer plenty of other advanced tools, such as alerts and compare & dual charts.

Safe and Secure:
Webull offers two-factor authentication, providing safety and security at all times.

Interact with other investors:
You can check out what hot cryptocurrency topics other users are buzzing about in the Webull community! Share thoughts and predictions about all things crypto with other community members.

“We place great value in our customers and are always listening to their feedback in order to make improvements and additions to the app for a better trading experience,” said Anthony Denier, CEO of Webull. “We are proud to be among the first companies rolling out this feature for traders, and we’re excited to see an increase in both users, and user activity, as more become familiar with it.”

If you have any suggestions or feedback about cryptocurrencies trading, please contact us via the Help Center on the Webull mobile app. You may also contact us via cs@webull.com

Thanks for being a part of Webull!


Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(127)

Roger Forand11/27/2020 16:15
Can’t wait to start betting


Anthony11/27/2020 14:31
Can we get options spreads soon please?


Chris11/27/2020 12:23
Read and Join before its too late


nineways0911/27/2020 12:15
Doge please


87r***com11/27/2020 11:44
dogecoin please


wwwCarbonDioxideRecyclers11/27/2020 11:00
what happened to your charts. not working


doglulu11/27/2020 09:32
why can't ppl live in new york trade it?


daytonm111111/27/2020 03:43


John-John11/27/2020 03:42
Tried to sell my $Bitcoin and it won't let me, pop-up says "not tradable" this is bullshit.


Tesla fanatic11/27/2020 03:32
I think you added crypto just to make trading crypto look bad.. you don't even get your keys.. this isn't trading crypto

I’mtheDonk11/27/2020 08:42

The dips dip now

chadstewart9711/27/2020 06:09

Shut up and buy the dip


Tesla fanatic11/27/2020 03:28
XRP is the number 3 crypto, how can you claim you trade the popular crypto without XRP?


Tesla fanatic11/27/2020 02:30
late to the party, but at least you're here... trading XRP?


Dirty slime11/26/2020 23:19
Xrp Pussah


Lazarb11/26/2020 21:10


ket***com11/26/2020 19:57


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