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11/11/2020 03:45

#Earnings Trading Strategies Both $Uber and $Lyft saw big drops in revenue, according to companies' third-quarter earnings. Uber's revenue fell by 18% compared with the same period last year, and Lyft's decreased by 48%. Both companies also saw big net losses, with Uber reporting a $1.1 billion loss from July to September and Lyft announcing a $459.5 million loss in the same period. Click the link below to learn more about earnings reports.

$Uber, $Lyft and other gig economy companies declared victory last Wednesday on Proposition 22, a ballot measure they authored that exempts them from a state law requiring them to treat workers as employees.

What are your predictions and insights on $Uber and $Lyft in the next weeks/months? If you own these stocks, what are your trading strategies for the next couple weeks/months? Sound off below to exchange trading ideas with other investors in the Webull Community! As always, please be kind and respectful to one another.



Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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jer***com11/12/2020 04:36
Lyft have lift off & bout to hit ground hard and bad I see uber & taxi sharing the roads


Burning Money $11/12/2020 00:29
Pretty simple stop the lockdowns both take off again. When people are goverend by people without commonsense this is the result!


LilBuffet11/11/2020 22:52
Very bullish its a keeper for the long run. Has alot of potential in the future. Gains are going to be nice ..


Yan***com11/11/2020 18:46
what could be the best future for uber and lyft?.


red***com11/11/2020 17:33
what should I do ???


Well Bye11/11/2020 17:29
They don't have basic Healthcare coverage during a pandemic? If that's the case the authored a bill that damages their own companies and endangers the driver's. My thoughts would be to not use ride share or buy either stock.

Nickname11/11/2020 18:14

too bad more people don't have and follow their personal convictions. these zombie companies should be referred to as vampires. they just drain the life out of their shareholders and "independent contractors". id day employees but they still found a way to come up with 200 million collectively even though they consistently post massive losses). it blows my mind that their CEOS still have a job when they never lead the company to green pastures. heres to hoping for an audit and criminal charges


yui***com11/11/2020 17:27
I think Uber Is doing transition move to Uber Eat and other projects , while Lyft solely rely on car ride which is very limited. So not looking bright on Lyft... Will go for Uber !

yui***com11/11/2020 17:30

Ok just saw the news β€œLyft Co-Founder Discusses Last-Mile Delivery, Taking On Uber Eats”


Tyl***com11/11/2020 17:26
Uber for the win Lyft 2nd place these companies aren't going away they have low over head, the delivery of food and things are only becoming more popular and bigger in quantity per
order, Uber has plenty of data that they will soon Capitalize on im stay in for a while.


SmallGainzOverAndOver11/11/2020 17:25
id say that the charts look bullish for UBER and bearish for LYFT.
since there's bad earning, loss of revenue, and all that, I'd say both are headed back down.

the thing that gets me is uber is leveling off at all time highs. typically you can see continuation from there, but if the bad news gets over exaggerated then could see it fall.

as for Lyft. id say its about to fall hard. I dont like the big gaps and jumps up in the chart


Mar***com11/11/2020 17:14
Any thoughts on how Lyft is going to compete with Uber?


reg***com11/11/2020 17:04
Bad Q3 Earnings report = a surge in stock share prices Good Q3 Earnings report = a decline in stock share prices. ASS BACKWARDS!!!


prettypenny11/11/2020 17:00
As long as there are lock downs and high unemployment the prospects seem dim for the big economy until next year. Both will continue to go down.


mas***com11/11/2020 16:49
Prop 22 was good for them but not their workers... gonna sell ofF Just watch the buy in opp

Nickname11/11/2020 18:23

based on what evidence? a crap study they point to. the cigarette companies used to tell us cigarettes posed zero health risks for years and posted numerous studies to support their claims. i think we all know how that one turned out.

Nickname11/11/2020 18:21

as a driver, i can tell you i do want to be an employee... better pay and benefits. furthermore they never asked me in that flawed and biased "survey" that started drivers want to be contractors... the guys who ran the survey operate a pro driveshare website, plus 80% of the drivers quit within 3 months -that's how you wind up with a lopsided study where the only people that remain drivers are ones who will put up all the bullshit and drink the corporate kool-aid.

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Turn My Treble Up11/11/2020 16:47
forget both of those investments. want guaranteed money check out (UAVS) NOW!!!!!


Chuck Wagon11/11/2020 16:44
Uber will continue to drop and lyft will go up!!πŸ‘


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