Optimus Dime

01/06/2021 17:59

$Bit Digital Inc Bitcoin has projections from 100k to over 1 million. Anyone who's not investing long term, and I mean YEARS for $Bit Digital Inc $Marathon Patent $Riot Blockchain and $CleanSpark are damn fools. Those of you who trade in and out of stocks, I truly feel bad for you. Learn how to truly invest. I made 7 figures investing and holding Tesla. This is the most obvious wealth building play in years. Wake the eff up.
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Lambomoney01/06/2021 18:09
Also keep investing in bitcoin and dogecoinπŸš€πŸ€‘

Borisavko01/06/2021 18:32

Seems like dogecoin now following Bitcoin? Im aftaid it just falls off and starts to deep?


Optimus Dime01/06/2021 18:06
And by the way, this means you don't give a rats ass about sell offs, red days, pullbacks, etc. You invest, with patience, until you reach the ultimate goal.


Optimus Dime01/06/2021 18:06
And don't take this the wrong way but holy f*ck people... there isn't a single EV maker, etc, that has the potential of bitcoin miners.

There was a time where oil & gold made people filthy rich. Bitcoin is the gold or oil of our generation.

Your future self will thank you. Buy, hold, be strong, and get rich. Think 2027, not January 7.


jde***com01/06/2021 18:02
Trade how you want. just make money and have a good time doing it πŸ₯‚


TyrannosaurusFINANCE 01/06/2021 18:00
Cleanspark isn't a botcoin play its an energy play

Lambomoney01/06/2021 18:12

Yea i agree its definitely both but they are a hugh player in the development of energy distribution and micro grids which will take the driverless cars to the next level!!

Moon Explorer 01/06/2021 18:02

why not both?

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Whitefok01/06/2021 18:00
How would you recommend trading this? LEAPs?

Jackie GG01/06/2021 18:07

what are leaps


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