01/06/2021 20:41

UPDATED WL : I sold almost 70% of my portfolio today , still holding small positions in several LONG swing tickers I hold but closed all scalps as well.

$Soligenix they have two catalysts that we are waiting for , still looking for 1.5 without news and 1.75+ with good news 🚨

$Staffing 360 added 4k more shares, now u sit at 20k shares there, looking for 1+ 🚨

$$Future Fintech Group Inc new entry here , blockchain technology, crypto related, hasn't moved yet with bitcoin 🚨

exited $NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals Inc scalp at 7.5 , it hit my pt that I shared with everyone nicely 👌 ✌ 25% scalp

exited $$Ideanomics Inc partially at 2.42 and still holding my long swing 2k shares

exited $Marathon Patent position from the Weekly WL
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All Comments(11)

Rice_money01/06/2021 22:46
Man, im just curious what did you profit today with closing 70% of your holdings?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 22:47

reshuffling my picks, all in green btwc


Tbeary701/06/2021 22:42
What is the catalyst for $Soligenix i cant seem to find anything Thanks brother

5NdaPinkHo01/07/2021 14:02

how can I see your alerts?

Tbeary701/06/2021 22:47

Thanks man Appreciate you

View all 3 replies


Nonny DingDong01/06/2021 21:21
thank you, your comments are insightful. I enter a few trades after you discuss your entry points and why

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 21:25



Risky trader01/06/2021 20:52
Is that any reason for it

Daveyjcty01/06/2021 21:32

I sold my sndl for FTFT held sndl call for 2/5/21 .71 strike. holding MVIS and AAPL CLSK. Waiting til tomorrow to get out of PDT risk. Then most likely gonna trim some positions.

Bassfishingmonies01/06/2021 21:22

good call! SNDL crashed when those idiots stormed the Capitol.

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ALL TIME HIGH01/06/2021 20:50
Hi @Stockdata.webull@gmail I have been following you for a while and Fan of your posts. Now going to try your recommendation, I am going to buy $Future Fintech Group Inc and will swing it at the price you are going to sell. Can you tell me what's the good price to get in and get out?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 20:51

my average is 1.67 now, It us up to you to do your DD first:) , its a long swing but we can see 2-3


Stock Mark HQ01/06/2021 20:49
Stop loss for me. Let it blow over first


Ciao01/06/2021 20:49
Anybody know what has just happend?

Ciao01/07/2021 00:25

Good, I thought it was because of Baba and Tencent!😨

jli***com01/06/2021 20:52

In DC theres some chaos going on


Eli01/06/2021 20:47
Do you still have GROW?


tjc***edu01/06/2021 20:46
I didn't see your nrbo I'm stuck down now ugh

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 20:47

I mentioned im scalping , I will load my posts


Spartan01/06/2021 20:45
Still in APRE? I scalped and just got back in. Still looking for a 7+ reversal.

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 20:46

sold at 5.2 partially and , holding 500 shares now


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