01/07/2021 10:30

$Marathon Patent This ride has been amazing.

I have a dilemma though. I bought way back at 0.69, unfortunately, only 100 shares. I don't have baller money so seeing this go up has been great. I just don't know if I should take some profit, or let it ride.

I like the company, and I have faith in bitcoin, but I don't know what to do. I want to take some profit, but have fomo of missing out on more gains.

Thoughts, opinions, non-legally binding advice?

Any and all input welcome. Thanks 👍
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spread_doctor01/07/2021 10:36
shit even. before this pm boom you got otm calls going for 100$+

mrc***com01/07/2021 10:44

I've never done options (and my account isn't currently set to do them). I've been researching and learning the basics, but it seems intimidating. I want to give options a try, maybe this is my chance. I'll have to stew on it for a bit.

Thanks again for the info.


Ritty01/07/2021 10:35
Id say unless you really need the money then let it ride. You can sell enough shares to cover your initial cost, technically making the remaining 96 or so free. Also if youre worried about gaining the most out of the move (say it drops back to 12$ on a bad day, Just have a trailing stop loss set for x amount percent then you wont have to worry. Dont worry about the baller momey, Thus far you have made baller percentage gains

mrc***com01/07/2021 10:41

Thanks, I'm leaning towards selling 20 shares and letting the rest run.

I've been avoiding options, but have been interested in trying them and spread_doctor just repeaked my interest with the covered call idea.


spread_doctor01/07/2021 10:34
use that 100 shares to sell covered calls and bring your cost basis down even further. selling otm Calls will give you credit to buy more shares and you can do it weekly

mrc***com01/07/2021 10:36

I've avoided options to this point, but have thought about trying some. This may be a good place to start. Thanks, will consider.

spread_doctor01/07/2021 10:34

just look up covered calls and do some DD on how to leverage your asset without selling


orl***com01/07/2021 10:33
trailing stop


Yan01/07/2021 10:32
sell the profit for your cost


Cla***edu01/07/2021 10:32
sell a few & Make the shares free and let it ride or profit is profit


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