02/20/2021 13:36

You are the best "investing professional" you can invest in. The system today, Wall Street, finance professionals, etc, operate with reverse Darwinism in effect. The system guarantees mediocrity. All firms want to almost exclusively invest in the S&P 500, and in particular, the top 50 stocks, also known by them as the "nifty fifty." None of them make any real attempts anymore to be courageous or go out there with gutsy plays and beat the market. They are built to mirror the S&P and that is what they do.

Oh, but you can do so much better. You can take risks none of them can't, you can invest more in penny stocks and ones Wall Street wouldn't touch with a 50 foot pole. And, you don't have to answer to a million other investors who are just fine with mediocrity, you can make your own goals and work to reach them.

Why be good when you can be great? You have the potential to exact returns far beyond the "pros." You can adopt a strategy to benefit yourself, not "short" some stocks into the ground to hedge yourself and appease a million clients. In other words, you are the master of your fate, and your fate is not mediocrity, it is a greatness only YOU can achieve.

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All Comments(16)

Christian R02/20/2021 17:34
A nice read!


fly***com02/20/2021 16:19
I enjoy reading your posts. You always bring thoughtful support or a good laugh!

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 16:30

I appreciate it and thanks for reading!


halfcrazy02/20/2021 16:16
I will have to say they are great at discouraging a person!!! and come from places you never thought possible wolf's turn to Pu$**** and trusted advisers become your enemies. it's a crazy market that people keep the good to ones self and spot o UK t non sense for all the hard to follow. I will contiue to be different I dont care if everyone does not give good info, I will contiue to post every good stock I find so we all can make money this selfishness emof even an average everyday trader is what makes the elite stay greedy. cant complain about greed when your then ones being greedy to. I know it's not all but 86% is slot

Johnny02/21/2021 02:49

God bless you! Absolutely! Im glad that you see what I see! Its so hard to find people with that thinking process and actually plow through that negativity and selfmade greediness thats out here! Its really sad that people want you To be lesser value than them, other than become together and help each other to become! I really hope you are sincere!! Lets plow through these puppets and show them how a team works! 2-3-4-5-etc minds are always bettwr than one!!


Kim***com02/20/2021 15:06
"why be good when you can be great"?... Thanks for sharing! I appreciate you!

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 15:08

You got it! Thank you and i wish you all the best!


ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 15:00
To Snorkelswab, who did the classic Move of make a snarky comment and then block the person so they have no chance to respond to it. Your knowledge of Darwinism is only exceeded by your cowardice. Nevertheless, I wish you success in the market and whatever path you choose!


Snorkelswab02/20/2021 14:52
You clearly do not know what Darwinism is...it is often misinterpreted, even said so by the late Darwin... Mediocracy is not oart of this environment...at all...do you waych the news? AMC, GME, both exposed how the plauont field is not level at all. Reading one textbook does mot make you an expert and the simple process you chose to vomit information without thought show your depth is that of a puddle in summer...nice try thought


Coyote4thewin02/20/2021 14:51
you are the shit good fckn write!

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 14:55

Thanks buddy!


Ciaran02/20/2021 14:30
Love this


I_LOVE_DOUBTERS02/20/2021 14:24
Well said!! βœŠπŸ½βœŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 14:31

Yes sir! πŸ‘Š


Solarnova102/20/2021 14:17
I love this!!!!!


Moonlord πŸš€02/20/2021 14:09


Outsider Trader02/20/2021 13:56
Great point .. Thanks for writing this..

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 13:58



Joh***com02/20/2021 13:52
I agree its like politics in washington dc. at first they both started with the ideas of wall st being a free market and with polticians actually helping americans. but now they just like to give us a taste of freedom and wealth while making us feel like well never reach it cus its β€œtoo hard”. I believe trump showed us its not as hard to get stuff done in dc like elites act and i believe wall st bets showed us its not that hard to beat the elite in the market as well. good times.

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 13:58

Great points here!


Coal02/20/2021 13:42
very well written

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 13:43

Thank you!


gri***com02/20/2021 13:39
What a great post. Inspirational to all new investors

ConvictionContrarian02/20/2021 14:16

Very much appreciate it thanks for reading!


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