03/03/2021 04:19

$Bitcoin Currently doing its thing, as I predicted 50,000 tomorrow, 53 by the end of the week and 59 by the end of next week, the stocks I like the most are listed in the image below. I would be more than happy to share my entry or my exit strategy all you have to do is ask

I happen to believe the stocks below will go up somewhere between 40 to 80% in the next two weeks based on my bitcoin prediction

$Marathon Digital Holdings Inc
$Ebang International Holdings Inc.
$Future Fintech Group Inc
$SOS Limited
$Triterras, Inc.

For a good analogy I can pair bitcoin to Tesla, last year tesla went up every day or every other day and made many people millionaires, bitcoin will do the same institutions are finally buying in companies have it on their balance sheet, it’s easy to move money out of countries like China and Russia
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All Comments(21)

what is a good exit for trit and ebon?


thanks guru matt👍

Matt03/03/2021 09:30

I have an estimate of $15-$20 on each of them

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Jac***com03/03/2021 07:18
SOS is an excellent long term play. However short time i agree that it is bearish. Short interest is increasing with BTC being volatile to help support a down trend (or uptrend) i see huge upside next 3-6 months

SherlockHolmes103/03/2021 08:51

SOS is a bullish short and long term play


Can***com03/03/2021 06:48
Yeah bro i think your on point 💰


kea***com03/03/2021 06:11
Thanks Matt! Let's turn some pennies into Dollars and good karma points, too. 👍


Shikoku?Ken03/03/2021 05:19
no one knows. it's up and down rather violent even sometimes. long term it will go up. tomorrow, next week, next month. who knows. nobody does.

*tst*asthma03/03/2021 08:04

What we had was an “end of bitcoin” scenario pop up and We still reversed and have a great looking bull run forming..


Daddio03/03/2021 05:01
You have sos on your list, then tell people to stay away. You have not done enough research on it obviously.

??HillbillyGAINSsnatcher??03/03/2021 05:55


Hal***com03/03/2021 05:07

U tryinh to short this stIll. That train moved onto the next stop lol.


Scody7703/03/2021 04:56
$Future Fintech Group Inc buy tomorrow @ what entry point, and whats the exit target? Thanks ✌️


rom***com03/03/2021 04:55
Yes he did predict it. I been following his tweets 👍 nice!


rom***com03/03/2021 04:53
Yes!! and now ebon turn tomorrow


Bands03/03/2021 04:51
You say you would stay away from SOS... Do you mean for the long term? Or just after the next BTC spike?

Matt03/03/2021 09:19

If you read my post I said I like other bitcoin stocks more I did not say Sos was bad


fmr***com03/03/2021 04:36
Awesome content Thanks! can you give me your twitter handle i couldnt scan that UPC code thing

Matt03/03/2021 04:36

Yes sir, I realize that for a few days and I felt silly, but at least people were able to read my post on here


mar***com03/03/2021 04:33
Im in SOS....better to sell and get into FTFT?

Matt03/03/2021 04:35

They mostly travel together, but if you see a spike I would sell and then I will wait for a dip and I would buy FTFT, you’ll get the best of both worlds best exit best entry and a better position


Diogenes.03/03/2021 04:31
Youre a decent dude At first i just thought you was spamming but i was wrong. Youre really trying to help ppl. You got another follower sir. Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when We give it away 💯✊🏼

Matt03/03/2021 04:32

Thank you truly appreciate it


sri***com03/03/2021 04:26
Any opinion about SOS and NCTY?

sri***com03/03/2021 04:29


Matt03/03/2021 04:27

Sos I would stay away from, short interest has increased, and CTY has low volume which is why my choice is Mara and FTFT


Jor***com03/03/2021 04:25

Matt03/03/2021 04:26

You were given a chance and now you’re blocked


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