05/05/2020 21:25

$MicroVision have a guy I follow, adviced on this and $Remark Holdings 3 days ago. took his advice on remark and cashed out 55% paid for everything and a very nice profit and still have 45% invested. wish I would have jumped on this too. could have repeated same results here.
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dayton05/05/2020 21:46
find your own guy. haha. just look for someone who knows when to sell. I still make the mistake sometimes of listening to some that no matter how much it rises they think it's going higher. for me that's a losing strategy and believe me I've lost plenty doing that. we all want that 100 share investment that has amazon results but not really realistic. I ask stupid question other day when was up 89% if I should sell. the real traders blasted me others said it's going higher. fortunately I sold all, it was down over 70% from highs by the end of the day.


Mr.Pappageorgio05/05/2020 21:35
My group im in is very good i just wasnt in service when it was at my sell point or id have made out good... so i got atucK bagging

dayton05/05/2020 21:49

sell point is everything. I'm still learning that lesson.


PennyStockLizardKing05/05/2020 21:31
Whos your guy πŸ˜‚


7mgtesmurf05/05/2020 21:26
If you dont mind me asking who is this secret adviser you follow? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚


Dwight Shrute05/05/2020 21:26
Who are you following i want to follow too


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