05/27/2020 11:13

$Remark Holdings I want anybody's honest opinion do you think it's too late to buy in? How much potential upside do you guys see on this
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alfus05/27/2020 11:22
I have been following this stock since .39 and it has exceeded expectations. I told myself I would see 2.5 by earnings and here we are at 3, these earnings wont even be half as good as the next with all the new contracts, so if you would like to hold for a few months I definitely see $6 or more coming. as far as today's earnings, I'm hoping we see $4


Jwb***com05/27/2020 11:18
if Disney announces this morning that they are using Remark combed eith earnings tomorrow you won't be able to get this stock under 4$ again


지랄하네05/27/2020 11:17
if you don't wanna buy the stock, buy some calls :/


she***com05/27/2020 11:16
i really believe this is just getting started. buy in at 3, maybe lower at open.


Larry Hoover05/27/2020 11:15
honestly unless you're banking right now I would not buy in. somebody asking this kind of question sounds like they're tight with money so no do not anything can happen with the penny stock bro. check out FRSX. similar kind of company that should run

ShortScrub202005/27/2020 11:29

Honestly if I was able to I’d buy 1k shares. I got in at $1.40 and currently at 111 shares and will buy more. I have faith it will hit double digits in the coming months.

Larry Hoover05/27/2020 11:17

then It can definitely go up but it's already gone up so much I've been in since March. in and out many times so at this point I can't say it will deff go up. it deff can

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ipanicsale05/27/2020 11:15
200% increase


KeepThaChangeYFA05/27/2020 11:15
No this is short term 8-10....above 20 bye September imo


ant***com05/27/2020 11:15
5-6 potentially alot more if big contracts announced


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