05/27/2020 11:20

$Remark Holdings Remark owns 70% of Sharecare ( Telemedicine) will rival Teledoc!
Sharecare received a strategic investment from Aflac Corporate Ventures, as a follow on to the investment by Quest Diagnostics, to accelerate digital health innovation, further highlighting the value Sharecare is creating. To date, Sharecare has raised in excess of $425 million. Additionally, Sharecare and Walmart announced a strategic partnership aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the retailer's associates, families and friends, as well as the people living in the communities in which their stores operate. Remark continues to explore avenues to optimize the monetization of its investment in Sharecare to best create long-term value for its shareholders.​
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abb***com05/27/2020 11:45
where did u get 70% pretty sure it's less than 10

sst***net05/27/2020 11:59

abb, u are correct I read same 5-10%


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