05/27/2020 23:12

$Remark Holdings Today if you dodnt buy every 3.1x dip and sell at every 3.4x peak you didnt do it right. Never went below half my position sold. loaded again for tomorrow xD. see ya in the am.
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Dgreen29 05/27/2020 23:48
Yea clearly never went to 3.1X today 🤡🤡🤡


Detroit John05/27/2020 23:32
never went to 3.1 so.....your saying it wrong. stupid people

Dgreen29 05/27/2020 23:54

Ty good sir

✅EZTRADEZ✅05/27/2020 23:52

You're* and yes it did, alot of times. This was a day traders dream today! 🤑 We don't hold bags! We take what's given to us, and buy back on the dips. 😉


gar***com05/27/2020 23:15


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