05/28/2020 00:01

$Remark Holdings hoorfukky this drops back to 2.88. LoL. I sold at 3.25
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JrBum1005/28/2020 00:06
I see it dropping to to 3.10ish area in the PM then going back up after that

Rickety Cricket 05/28/2020 00:15

no, just like today, if was around 18% pm. I expect something like 20+ pm there % wise


mar***com05/28/2020 00:03
atleast 3. I sold for gnus. it's spiking up slowly like mark. but I bought mark at 2.88. hoping I got in earlier on gnus and it rides


SmartLosses05/28/2020 00:03
So you are mad you sold early and you were expecting a dip to buy back iN. rip you

mar***com05/28/2020 00:04

no I'm kidding. I made 1k off of it. profit is always good


zay***com05/28/2020 00:02
2.8 i mean


zay***com05/28/2020 00:02
im trying to practice reading charts so i am probably completely wrong and of course news is a factor but i was guessing 1.8

mat***com05/28/2020 00:15

If they dont announce their contracts tomorrow during the EC i could see a temporary dip to 2.70ish at the lowest

Rickety Cricket 05/28/2020 00:06

and if there is no news tomorrow. clearly being in LA and Miami, lets not forget Wynn and likely others in vegas, this won't dip hard.

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MICHAEL05/28/2020 00:02
Doubt that

big loot05/28/2020 00:35



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