01/11/2021 22:34

$Mesoblast to the people saying that they're announcing old news... No, it isn't. Do yourselves a favor and learn how to read.

it clearly states that they have announced additional results. Meaning... They announce results from this study a month ago, but they have now released additional data from the same study that reinforces what they found the first time. It's essentially confirming positive results from the first piece of the study.

this is a positive development that has cemented the first results as being legit and not just a statistical outlier.

this is great news for the company.

yes, anybody who has a position in this stock would love to hear brand new unrelated TR, but it doesn't always have to be brand new information. this was definitely a positive development. what the public does with it is what it is. but anybody selling because they believe this is old news, may end up regretting it in the future
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Bot#62823101/12/2021 02:18
The reason I ask is because I remember you from BNGO from way back in June or July. That’s when I originally started following you, because you predicted movement in the stock and the market as a whole with crazy accuracy lol

Tgwhisp01/12/2021 02:41

But to answer your question, bionano genomics it's far from finished. It still has a long ways to run. but it's going to continue with volatility for quite some time. I feel like once it's over 20 it'll stabilize. until then, keep playing the ups and the downs. by after any significant downturn. And sell after any significant upturn. Pretty straightforward and boring but it's the way to do it . good luck brother! hope you do well!

Tgwhisp01/12/2021 02:37

a lot of experience, my brother. as long as you have the ability to block out all the noise and just look at things objectively with what you know, the market becomes simplified. I don't post in here a lot, I really only use webull are they mobile app because I think the charting with this app is second to none for when you're on the go. don't always have the ability to open my laptop. but I do pop in and out of the comments sometimes. sometimes it's helpful as they can point you to news


Ayeeeee01/11/2021 23:30
Lol the drop today shows this news wasnt anything special

Tgwhisp01/11/2021 23:39

I've seen your idiotic posts a couple times already. All it took was one time clicking on your picture and looking at your post history to show you have absolutely no idea what you're doing in the stock market. And you should probably take a breather for a while. Everything you buy goes down. All you do is whine and complain and every post about every ticker. There's nothing wrong with the company's... You just don't know how to play the market. You buy everything when you should be selling

Tgwhisp01/11/2021 23:37

... and you can mark my words, screenshot if you must, once this is approved by the FDA, everybody selling the shares at this price are going to be crying. I've seen it a thousand times before. Just remember this post that's all I'm going to say.


Bot#62823101/11/2021 22:41
What are your thoughts on BNGO?

Tgwhisp01/11/2021 23:07

.. I sold most of my position on its way up to $7. I still hold 25% of my original shares, but I have been waiting for this correction. Which I believe is here I will be looking tomorrow to see what it does. wasn't sure if today would be a continuation of downtrend or not oh, but that appears to be in the past. Once that's confirmed tomorrow I will buy back in a large position. if it starts to go back down I will wait. Either way, I'm just waiting to rebuy. this company is far from done

Tgwhisp01/11/2021 23:04

... but, with the recent explosion in share price, The Whole World's eyes are now on the company. They've been able to raise more money through offerings. and people's Outlook should still remain the same. Which is the technology is unbelievable and has the ability to help eradicate many all of man's problems. they just needed the ability to utilize the technology. A buyout would be perfect. but even without one there now on the right track. the sky is the limit. ..

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WeDude01/11/2021 22:40
Amen brother!


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