11/10/2020 22:31

$Miragen Therapeutics I have to apologize to this board.. ive been pumping and buying because i had faith in this company tons of good catlysts and instItutional buyers... increasing EPS, Merger & cash runway to 2023. It seemed Great at first THEN they anounce an earnings beat with a completely unneccEsary reverse split.
SO sorRy i was advising based on the facts at hand but I can no linger stay here after the R/S anouncement.
I sold right away.
Goodluck to u all
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cla***com11/17/2020 18:44
I told you. You made a big mistake when got out of this. Get back right now, dude.


Maximilien Rob11/17/2020 15:07


gen***net11/10/2020 22:43
I'm open to hear your reasoning behind your sell off decision

dea***net11/11/2020 00:51

When is R/S to take place?

Trader JOE11/10/2020 23:08

shares won't be locked up the reverse split happens at night and then open the next morning that's why I said something's different about this

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BIG🐃BULL11/10/2020 22:35
This does not mean i wont be back here. ill just hopefully be back at a better price. i was trying to hold like a goOd boy but i have to be greedy now

cla***com11/10/2020 23:10

This company is grossly undervalued.

cla***com11/10/2020 22:50

The grouping of shares does not alter the shareholders' equity. most here do not understand the financial market, so they are selling.


cla***com11/10/2020 22:33
you made a big mistake to sell your stocks.


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