01/13/2021 11:34

$Momo I love Chris to death, but after I barely got out of the GPS option play with my teeth in tact I'll never follow another one of his option plays again. Most of his followers do not know how to just strike in silence. To make matters exponentially worse, the stock usually ends up doing the exact opposite of what he recommends. While his stock picks are golden, I would HIGHLY advise against anyone ever going along with one of his option plays unless you enjoy losing money.
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com***com01/13/2021 13:23
remember that Chris said to only play options if you can afford to and if you're comfortable with the play going either way. as for me, im staying out of this option play. its too risky with the expiration date being this Friday. I only play the options that look right to me. thats why I stayed out of the Gap play. I did buy some call options on some of his stock picks though. I bought a Macy's 11 call when he said to just buy the stock


BarelyBroke01/13/2021 12:53
u right bout them options he rarely gets them right but them stock pic be on point


Vipercardsandstuff01/13/2021 12:50
His main point in his option plays is to teach those Who are interested In learning he tells them option are risky and due some DD dont just do what he says I watched A lot of his stuff and he does have some good points and Give beginners The knowledge and what thing mean

Aar***com01/13/2021 13:06

he should tell people to do their dd or learn how to deal w options before getting in

bya***com01/13/2021 12:52

I completely agree. I was just trying to further warn folks about the dangers on blindly following the picks. I'm not going to participate in his option plays anymore, but his stock picks are definitely on point.


bya***com01/13/2021 12:41
In my opinion Chris should not making videos about short term option plays while the market is not open. It builds far too much hype on the play and does not allow his followers to strike as quietly. If he wants us to get in and get out, then he needs to post a shorter video DURING THE DAY with an immediate recommended play. The after hours thing is flat out killing the element of surprise and leaves us vulnerable to a loss on the play.

Nda***com01/13/2021 14:25

I dont think Chris is a babysitting, he tells you to do your own research. Plus everything he’s been giving out is straight free game. How can you complain about something like that lol, the world is crazy. As that man hit so many home runs and people still talk about the little amount he did lose smh. If you wanna learn more from him you have to pay that Man. he give out so much and you talking about a cple option lol


Liljdude01/13/2021 12:41
Lol Karens. Yes indeed. No clue who this guy is you speak of but options call flow yesterday was uner bullish. the candle close on the daily was a strong bullish engulfing candle close. It should create a higher high and they are pushing it to $20. 28 will it get there?!? No idea. but it should at least create a higher high during market hours. and hitting strike price during extended hours doesnt mean a damn thing. Cmon guys

Liljdude01/13/2021 12:41

Uber bullish*


mom***com01/13/2021 12:20
it already hit strike in pre-market.


bryan frank01/13/2021 12:18
I’m not a big fan of his option picks, but his stocks usually do well. Because of that, I try to pick up an option based on his stock picks.

bryan frank01/13/2021 13:27

Right, i’ll look down the option chain 1-2 months out and see what the premiums and greeks look like. If its close to ITM vs OTM calls and find a PT I think it will get to. I don’t buy many, 1-5. As long as the play stays on track, I have no issue averaging down on some dips.

I did buy a Nio put for 1/22 though. Just not the strike he recommended. I went with a 57 strike.

bya***com01/13/2021 12:30

How do you go about selecting the expiration date on them though?? Nearly all of his picks take at least 2-3 months to materialize.


Eri***com01/13/2021 12:11
Can you tell me why this Option play is a bad move?

Eri***com01/13/2021 13:08

I do my Dd and part of it is user thoughts so i just fIgured I’d see where your heads at. Thanks for the info though.

bya***com01/13/2021 12:37

If you buy the option at market opening today, you're likely going to pay a hefty premium for it. With only 2 days left til expiration, that's a significant gamble, especially if you dont know much about the company or what its capable of doing. Just my $.02.

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weRstocks_01/13/2021 11:48
Watch werstocks_ on Instagram! Has been very helpe helpful to me and others. Seeing returns of 100%+


PJ01/13/2021 11:43
Hey karen, you cant win them all!


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