05/27/2020 02:29

$Moderna SMH....I am still a noob investor by my own admission, especially here on WeBull, so any of you who want to savage me over this comment can go ahead and do your worst, HOWEVER, one thing I am not a noob at is listening to Mr. Mad Money Jim Cramer for years before I got in the game, and the most important thing I learned from Cramer is that he often entertaining, but not often very good at the picks he advises us about. Think Sears Holdings for the really big rotten egg, but he pumps others that are suspect such as Crowdstrike and Moderna. If Cramer recommends a stock, I NEVER pounce on it without doing my own homework, and neither should any of you. I don’t know what his motivations are for some of his calls, but it seems non-investment concerns intrude into his process a little too often. So pay attention to him to know which stocks too be careful about is my advice.
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All Comments(4)

Shorya05/27/2020 05:14
It depends on which time frame he says


igo***com05/27/2020 03:18
Cramer is imo one manipulative idiot always pretending to be smart ass yapping crap I cant stand that guy


CroCaCola05/27/2020 02:38
If Cramer says it's a buy...then its time to short this thang down to sub zero.


CroCaCola05/27/2020 02:37
I totally agree!


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