Harshad Mehta

11/18/2020 12:36

$Moderna If you have to choose between 2 vaccines - 1 from a renowned company and other from a political news based hyped company, whom would you prefer? Answer is simple : no one would risk their life getting vaccine from a company who has no history of a successful vaccine. Think before you invest more money into this stock.
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Zaz***com11/18/2020 13:08
pfizer. been in the game for 100 + years..has 300 drugs. half as much and pays a dividened.. moderna....zero


d.k***com11/18/2020 13:07
my uncle was vaccinated with moderna few months ago, he is 80 years old, in new orleans and he is doing great

Harshad Mehta11/18/2020 13:08

But my uncle died after taking Moderna vaccine. Thats why I hate this company


d.k***com11/18/2020 13:02
tell that to TESLA

Harshad Mehta11/18/2020 13:06

Yea Tesla has also come up with a vaccine, go get it before it gets over


M1p***com11/18/2020 12:56


Harshad Mehta11/18/2020 12:48
I have done my research: simple question to you : if you have 2 options , what would prefer - vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna?


317****97611/18/2020 12:45
It shows how little you know about Moderna. Yes the company is newer, but there are plenty of individuals within the company that have worked on the science of big Pharma. Do some research before you give your ignorant opinion to others.


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