05/05/2020 20:26

$MicroVision I'm new to trading and even I know the answer to when I should buy/sell... I also know to read the FAQs on how to buy/sell on WB... Some of you all need to learn that part first before taking the plunge... smh...
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Inspired_aviator05/05/2020 22:25
Agreed! The value of emotional buyers, are the quick plays for the wiser players. No matter what the “penny” value of the stock, I‘m a quick in and out, making a quick profit. While the masses risk $$$ thousands, or tens of thousands, controling profits is always the best play in the long.

grrrlygrrl⚘05/05/2020 22:31

I prefer LT holds and strong dividend stocks. They are available on these forums. Just gotta dig around for them. The rest of these tickers are to be played just as you have described. However, what is mind blowing are the people who ask what to do at every move. They want spoon fed. They don't care to learn. uhg...


Jessica05/05/2020 20:31
Omg totally agree 🤗

grrrlygrrl⚘05/05/2020 20:34

I'm not trying to be mean...but??? Geeezzz... lol


El Jefé05/05/2020 20:28
Some people werent built for this.

grrrlygrrl⚘05/05/2020 20:29

...and yet they are doing it. 😏