05/05/2020 21:01

$MicroVision So are we selling after the call on thursday or before??? Im new
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Moofy05/05/2020 21:03


Jonny G05/05/2020 21:03
before unless you do your own research and feel good....
last week I could have made 7k on UVAS I held most of my shares till the conference call and ended up with only 2500 profit


Tallcrow05/05/2020 21:02
what time is the call? I'm new too


Joe05/05/2020 21:02
Before definfrly. Dknt risk it. Take profnt on like 80% shares and leave 20% pr whatever amount ylu wanna gsmble with during call just incase thE news is true And its looking like it very well may be


Adrolehn05/05/2020 21:02
Buy the rumor, sell the news


Chazz05/05/2020 21:02
Holding on. patent filed told with microsoft and microvision

💲Boats&Hoes💲05/05/2020 21:07

It hasn't

Dwight Shrute05/05/2020 21:04

Where has the patent been confirmed, not being a troll just cant find it anywhere but on these comments


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