05/05/2020 21:13

$MicroVision Okay so im not nearly smart enough to make up, fake news and spread it around succesfully. I am however smart enough to just type the patient number into google. i found another patient number as the number 1 search result And sure enough it was a google product. I click on the link, look in the patient citation and, sure enough, microvision is cited. Take that for what you want but it certainly verifys that these 2 companys at the vevy least do buisiness together for anyone skeptical of that. Look it up for yourself if youd like.
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RulesAndDiscipline05/05/2020 21:20
You are smart, don't doubt yourself.

Brendan05/05/2020 21:37

That was nice

Brendan05/05/2020 21:37


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Austin05/05/2020 21:19
Now you see why the whale did what he did to tank the price


Profit Guru05/05/2020 21:15
Yes you are right. Now, since Microsoft have to pay royalties to MVSI, they are looking to buy the whole company and merge it into Microsoft because this is the next generation technology.

Regis Sullivan05/05/2020 21:24

That and it’s cheaper for Microsoft to buy them out while their share price is low. They‘ll pay a premium to get full rights to the patent and avoid royalties.

Profit Guru05/05/2020 21:20

You are right. so buy until Thursday morning and sell it when you will feel to sell it.

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Jonny G05/05/2020 21:15
thanks for being smart enough to distribute that info

Brendan05/05/2020 21:16

Yay, i did it 🤤 apple sauce apple sauce


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