Investor Gadget

05/05/2020 21:17

$MicroVision Damn guys i said $2+ when i wake up. Wtf happaned?
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Dan05/05/2020 21:49
People didn’t post enough πŸš€s

Moar rocketships


SkylerT05/05/2020 21:22
At least you slept through the .50 instant drop πŸ˜‚ saved you some gray hairs


Michael Andrade05/05/2020 21:20
Do u think it will rise within time ??


ATTN5205/05/2020 21:20
Go back to bed lol

Investor Gadget05/05/2020 21:29

Im thinking about it lol


πŸ’΅πŸ’°SUPASTONKSπŸ’°πŸ’΅05/05/2020 21:19
whale problems


Matt05/05/2020 21:19
Slept too long 🧐 lol


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