Herbs on Fire

05/05/2020 21:22

$MicroVision you guys are out of your minds saying it's going to Boom it's already boomed the Insiders have known this forever why else would have gone up 600% take your profits now you're going to be very sad if you don't
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RPias05/05/2020 21:34
He's a short..... he said so earlier.... just sayin


Mat***com05/05/2020 21:27
stfu not everyone is a day trader.


Jonny G05/05/2020 21:25
it's got one more run before it happens


Coaching05/05/2020 21:23
Someone is salty they missed out


AsianChew 05/05/2020 21:23
you need to learn how stocks work honey


FRED GLOCK05/05/2020 21:23
Wow you’re right a lot $IBIO is 4 huh

ZLP05/05/2020 21:51

step ah "ed" of the game!

Jonny G05/05/2020 21:26

I knew i liked ed


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