05/05/2020 21:24

$MicroVision Can someone state the pros and cons of a Cash vs. Margin account? Thx
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AlphaBull05/05/2020 22:19
Are the taxes different being considered a Day Trader?

ChasingMoves@gmail05/16/2020 21:17

No, but you pay interest for the marin amount that Your broker Lets you use.


InvesDing05/05/2020 21:42
margin much better


kee***com05/05/2020 21:29
Margin you need 2k+ in it at all times. can only do 3? day day trades per day but can use your funds instantly after a sell to buy into another.

cash is unlimited day trades but you can only use settled funds to do a day trade...alot if people like to use 50% of their account value each day...that way you always have settled funds available.

AlphaBull05/05/2020 21:53

Can the $2k be unsettled funds?

ZLP05/05/2020 21:48

need 25k in cash account for unlimited day trades


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