05/05/2020 21:27

$MicroVision What time does the market here on webull close? Will i have time to sell after the conference call? sorry im new
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Brendan05/05/2020 21:30
The call will happen After hours. make good decisions.


☘LotT☘StockWay05/05/2020 21:29
yes on Thursday you will, but you should get out before it starts.. better to get back in and support a run if news is good rather than be trapped if something doesn't go the way traders want


Joshua Bowen05/05/2020 21:29
at 8pm sharp

ale***com05/05/2020 21:42

Sorry but what time zone is that 8pm?


Dababy05/05/2020 21:28
Closes after 8pm

Krissy05/05/2020 21:38

noob here how do you add a stop loss on stocks you already have?

FishOnWallStreet05/05/2020 21:36

I set stop loss and got screwed. dropped to 98 cents. was up 200 but was trying to hold till thursday Because i wouldnt have settled funds to get back in. ended up losing 600....

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Kb 05/05/2020 21:28
Conference call is on Thursday


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