09/09/2020 05:57

$MicroVision Please people who have been caught with a bag learn how to trade. leave funds available to average down if you have to. do not go all in especially on something like this. diversify. ben franklIn has a portfolio diversity with 70% in this. bought in originally at 2.29 and had to use all spare cash to average down so his bag wasnt so heavy. anyone stupid enough to do that shouldnt be trusted with advice in trading. once they break even or profit small it will dip again when big boys take profIts. save this advice for when a buyout does not happen but these morons try to induce volume from newbs. What goes down can only go up eventually. learn your lesson and buy low and sell high.
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All Comments(10)

Dgd09/09/2020 14:24
Haha up one day and trying to chirp me. congrata your bag isnt quiet as fUll as it was before. seriously dude use your brain


EsoHealth09/09/2020 14:23
Oh. Good morning, dipshit. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚


Dgd09/09/2020 13:47
Its because they are full of shIt but tell peopLe what to do. im tired of morons scamming people. bag holders that have no clue what they are talking about. newbie investors down THOUSANDS spreading false rumors of fairy tail buyout to trick people. seriously guys get a grip.

Dgd09/09/2020 13:59

Indifferent mad. i hold no bag.

ohg***com09/09/2020 13:52

big mad or little mad???


ohg***com09/09/2020 12:44
sooo much written, but so little gained. hahahaha risk to reward buddy is the first lesson


Barren Wuffet09/09/2020 11:49
Why do you have such a hard on for Ben Franklin?


šŸ‘‘ Benjamin Franklin šŸ‘‘09/09/2020 11:18

I've waited years trying to save money to average down.....FUCKING CLOWN......FAKE NEWS

Jcs709/09/2020 13:23



Arturo Lambo09/09/2020 07:57
Good advice. Thank you.


Moochelle Obongo09/09/2020 07:43
Stfu noob nobody cares

484****66309/09/2020 09:51

lol exactly you been coming here the past couple days attacking the 2 same ppl like they control the webull platform šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

Steve Stimulus Mnuch09/09/2020 09:03

Dgd you are going to probably be either really sad or oddly happy once we get bought out

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