01/05/2021 14:26

$MicroVision Do what you want with your money, its your choice. I myself am buying what I can while she's down and I have the chance. Am I frustrated? Yes, absolutely!!!! But my goal hasn't changed and neither has MVIS tech. Accumulating accumulating and accumulating thats my game plan. Have a great day Fam! GLTAL 🤙🏻​
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All Comments(5)

Bubba01/05/2021 14:34
thanks Ali, i'm aggravated with myself cause I didn't cash in at the top as i'm waiting for the end game but it's all good i'm still in the green by alot!!!

AliGZ01/05/2021 14:37

glad to hear ur in the green

AliGZ01/05/2021 14:36

when i get frustrated i go back and look at the charts and how far we have come eventhough being heavily shorted/manipulated. MVIS is sitting at around 5$. That in itself is a big deal


DVNT01/05/2021 14:28
people don't get it. too short minded to look at the long game.

AliGZ01/05/2021 14:30

sooo true 🎯


c201/05/2021 14:28
Roger that...💯

AliGZ01/05/2021 15:05



Hoff 01/05/2021 14:27
She will be up again in no time! Some dont have the gut to hold. keep it up!

AliGZ01/05/2021 14:28

thanks! goodmorning


Dadstoyy01/05/2021 14:27

AliGZ01/05/2021 14:29



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