01/12/2021 21:07

$MicroVision people can only be so secretive about a company if they were advised not to speak about them. Mvis is getting purchased in a blockbuster deal. STM Has been a long time supplier for Apple, and they also didnt attend the presentation - interestingly enough. I believe STM-Apple-Mvis-Hyundai have something really big in the works.
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Kynoa01/12/2021 23:34
Its gonna happen guys... be patient. The market needs new tech.... MVIS has it and every other company wants it. This deal is going to be bigger than we think.


cleencut01/12/2021 21:52
very nice. appreciate the relevant material. sometimes silence speaks the loudest. imo


joh***com01/12/2021 21:26
keep digging...love it.


dww***com01/12/2021 21:23
I linked the reddit conversation 2 posts above


Steve Stimulus Mnuch01/12/2021 21:15
This is DOPE

idodopestuff01/12/2021 21:17

And it happened just before Tim Cook’s ‘announcement’ tomorrow? Cmon son... one can only think. Lol


DVNT01/12/2021 21:09
when was this discussion?

idodopestuff01/12/2021 21:10

Minutes ago apparently. check reddit, im unable to post link in comments


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