02/19/2021 04:57

$MicroVision I just spent entire day going thru the balance sheets and all of the PR I can fond on this company. I found absolutely nothing that would point out that the buyout is coming. The stock is great for trading giving the volatility but other then the for sale sign yhat they obviously have outthere there is nothing else. now having said this i still have a lot of shares here and i am not planning on selling because if they do deliver on lidar In april this will trade at least just under 100.
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rainkingjt 02/19/2021 12:41
Blocked. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Stefan Urquelle02/19/2021 12:32
Specifically what part of the balance sheet led you to this conclusion?


OPINIONATED GAMER02/19/2021 10:53
I block anyone that has consistent misspellings throughout a post. If you want to be taken seriously - read your post before you hit send. Financial advice of any kind from someone who cannot spell is bad advice.

845****20902/19/2021 11:03

Lol really..๐Ÿ˜‚


0fLittleTโ™กNoValue02/19/2021 10:31
try harder.
the atm financing is selling shares to the buyer and obtaining capital for the acquisition period.

you're either really bad at research or really bad at shorting. well, probably both


Eliseo Duke02/19/2021 09:29
Everything you wrote is correct except the lidar part. The CEO retracted his comment about "strong" interest and called it "potential" interest from other companies. As for lidar, if it's not delayed again, their own specifications put it in the middle of the pack. 'A' sample in April means series production in 2022-2023 in a best case scenario.


CPALyfe02/19/2021 08:44
You obviously have not listened to any calls.... They had mutiple major companies inquire as to aquisition and the lidar presentation was requested by those interested parties.


NoExcuses02/19/2021 07:44
I agree i have been telling them and seemed to be married to the stock ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ


Shmamuel02/19/2021 05:57
what would you see as "pointing to a buyout"?

484****66302/19/2021 10:18

nvm u just got in in December figures u would talk like that u been holding a few months only lol this is get rich over night buddy

484****66302/19/2021 10:15

so just cause u cant find proof there isnt none..And you are?? a regular retail investor that bought in why??? if you truly dont believe it's a buyout?

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Diamondsforhands02/19/2021 05:45
Also you cant realy desecibe this stock as volatile lol. its had very steady climbs for the past 5 months. any who is actually following this know most of ypur post is bullshit

484****66302/19/2021 10:22

u sound dumb I guess ur work behind the doors with big tech companies..I'm sure your the same guy the chased the run up.. so why dont they wanna buy it bud? cause its obvious u dont know why u bought in here chasing

dan***com02/19/2021 06:15

Also none of the competitors have been bought out which means there are not that many buyers out there willing to pay for this tech so why would they buy this specific one?

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$AMCwillBeBiggerThan$GME02/19/2021 05:26
i appreciate your honesty. and for speaking out against the herd with real DD.
props regardless


alwaysunnyNsocal 02/19/2021 05:05

dan***com02/19/2021 06:21

Trust me i am the last person here who wants this to fall back. But This is the reality


idodopestuff02/19/2021 05:00
Lol what?!? There was just a conference call with Sumit in December. google fireside chat. bruh your research skills are fckn terrible. but good job holding the stock.

484****66302/19/2021 10:27

if your pursuing it means your looking..like when you pursued this company you looked you found!! but seems like u got in from reading comments lol๐Ÿคก

484****66302/19/2021 10:26

what's else you want him to tell you?? you really sound dumb trying..sell your shares in keep it pushing. you want talking bullish to bearish mad u lost money the past 2 days pull your skirt down slick lol

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