09/16/2020 19:21

$Myomo Seriously people please if you are a day trader just stop commenting and do your thing investors want to hear news and information about this company who has a great invention that will help people with little or no use of their arms either a veteran, an elderly or a person who had a stroke and now they partnered with Medicare this company will make money stop talking crap scalp your pennies and go on to the next scalp but please shut up
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All Comments(4)

way***com09/16/2020 19:43
my pennies from day trading paid for my house.

Din***com09/16/2020 20:02

Good for you that is great I own five houses my main source of income is rentals and my six figure job just trying to find companies that have great growth potential for the next few years and are cheap


443****03609/16/2020 19:35
bought the peak huh?


MakingStocksGreatAgain09/16/2020 19:26
How about just dont look at the comments. Not that difficult 🤪🤪

443****03609/16/2020 19:35

but he said please


516****20909/16/2020 19:23
Relax bro

Din***com09/16/2020 20:05

Am a lady


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