11/18/2020 17:00

$Northern Dyn I’ve been thinking this for a while, all the Obama admin did was screw over shareholders, it seems every party involved is looking out for everyone except us shareholders.

We wouldn’t be IN this position if the state hadn’t set aside the lands for mining and Pebble allowed to buy the deposit rights from the state in the first place, right?

We then had a clean FEIS and they STILL want to shut down the project. Well if they really want to not worry about Pebble anymore, they need to fix it. If they are allowed to do so, it stands fair that they compensate us directly for being railroaded by politics. I didn’t buy into a project that was a potential risk to the environment, I bought after the FEIS was released by the ACOE.

Ok rant over, for now 😘
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nak***com11/18/2020 17:51
Obama was paying back to the Sierra Club and NRDC for helping him get elected.
It was a quid pro quo...


Bill11/18/2020 17:50
the green new deal will backfire as fraudelent president and fake news conspirators are exposed for their voter fraud complicity


MC11/18/2020 17:36
You too forloop since you are on ST too, 😉


MC11/18/2020 17:33

ForLoop11/18/2020 17:36

Yeah saw this, totally agree


MC11/18/2020 17:17
Well said, I agree. I honestly dont understand the proce action. Its as if the selling pressure is increasing as we get closer ans closer to de risking the project. Its like once we get RoD and completely become immune from any administration from blocking it it will still have selling pressure. Whatever. Im here till buy out since this exploration company has no business having a JV with anyone. Just sell this to Barrick since they have a hard on for a tier 1 asset.

MC11/18/2020 17:33

Check out the two pictures i just posted. Too long to retype. let me know what you think

dom***com11/18/2020 17:26

during the presentation he said there "more than likely" would be "multiple partners". just going off that I don't think it will be an outright buyout.


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