02/18/2021 22:50

$Northern Dyn trump administration was against this so Biden will definitely be against this. add on that the ex CEO is getting hammered.

this stock is bad news. sure an appeal may get accepted today but even if so this stock won't rise. either sell now and take the L or hold on for 4 years and hope Republicans take office again.
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Escape Velocity02/19/2021 03:24
I cant take a loss. Im out with gains waiting for an entry and the mine dont matter. Im cash either way. No you find me enough copper to get everyone an ev or stfu

dustin_smith02/19/2021 03:40

I don't get this English


Escape Velocity02/19/2021 03:22
I tire of listening to dumbasses like biden and trump. What does Musk say about it?


dug***com02/19/2021 02:11
@dustin_smith I think you are regretting that you sold for a loss. A day ago you were cheering this on saying it was lookin good and today you bash it๐Ÿคฃ This is a long hold for a reason, shit this big doesnt happen overnight. To the moooooon๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

dustin_smith02/19/2021 02:16

you must be one of the 20 year old reddit users who says this will go to $9 lol

dustin_smith02/19/2021 02:14

1. I still have 8,000 shares.....

2. I also have profit on this not loss..... I bought at .36

3. people don't know what they are talking about and acting like they do when the average age of people on here I'm sure is
20 years old.

people need to know the truth instead of getting investment advice from idiots who don't know what they are saying.


richonb02/19/2021 01:55
I don't think Trump was against the company

richonb02/19/2021 03:54

that might be true but yet general Flynn's little brother is pushing to make sure this company stays afloat

dustin_smith02/19/2021 01:56

trump wasn't. I said trump administration. even donald Jr was against it. many Republicans were against it. I never said trump. trumps administration. although trump did say a while after what you just showed that he'd hear both sides and then towards the end he was leaning against it.


Beginner.102/19/2021 00:09
you're talking huge sense. I wish you were here a week ago, I wouldn't have trusted the people setting me up to hold bags. that's what I get for not doing my dd on this stock.

dustin_smith02/19/2021 00:11

you could make big bucks in a few years but it's a massive risk and people saying this will be 2$ soon are ridiculous. saying $9 in 60 days is even crazier. even if an appeal gets seen its still another few months for that to possibly win and get a permit. then you're looking at 2 years before mining again and then another year for profits from the gold.

dustin_smith02/19/2021 00:10

thats why I posted this for people like you who are getting fooled by selfish people.


dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:27
also you need to know how mining works. they have nothing to lean on. literally no assets. all they have is a plot of land with no permit to do anything.

appeal is just the beginning


405****28302/18/2021 23:18
Just gonna leave this here

dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:36

look at what I sent and educate yourself from someone who's been investing in this for 13 years

isa***com02/18/2021 23:31

Biden revoked their permits the line was already stopped by a judge prior to the executive order.

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dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:17
on top of that people don't understand even if a permit were to get improved gold wouldn't be coming out for another year or two. that's how gold mining works. to get mining equipment needed is capital intensive to start.

this cab have massive reward but don't count on it and don't expect this to go over 2$


Blu***com02/18/2021 23:09
I dont think the admin has much say because it isnt federal land. It's a state issue. But I could be wrong.

DBB***com02/18/2021 23:16

Federal permit although the gov needs us to not be dependent solely on other countries for minerals, an considering the financials of the state an the amount of bailouts the state an federal government will profit from this mine, also on july 24 2020 the army corps EIS statement said that it would have little to no impact on the salmon. Then contradicting that statement with the final decision. That desision was rushed this will have a good RFA an be found to have merit. From both appeals.

dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:12

it is both. I've been investing in and out of this company since 2008. So unlike some people acting like they know jt all on here and scamming new people is wrong.

this has been controversial going back to the Obama administration. even trump tried to help this company but many Republicans even donald jr was against this.

If the appeal gets approved once it jumps to your buy in you better sell and get out don't expect 2$


SkilledTrader02/18/2021 23:02
it was over a dollar last week

feeding frenzy02/19/2021 16:46

pfft. you know nothing about mining. dustin does. listen to him to go broke

dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:05

I know May-October was the 6 month period I am talking about.

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dustin_smith02/18/2021 22:52
also this is the highest it's been in almost 3 years if you take out the one period of 6 months that it grew over a dollar. So yes it can get way lower.

dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:06

how is it not true?? it totally is true. the trump administration shut this down also. look it up

dustin_smith02/18/2021 23:05

yes it is barely over a dollar. this isn't going to 2+

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