02/20/2021 01:15

$Northern Dyn for thos wanting truthful insight and not just rocket emojis on this one.

1. there is a chance there is no news till Monday night. Alaska also sent an appeal application but on the 22nd. NAK sent theirs on the 19th. so they may wait till the 22nd to read both appeals before confirming they are done.

2. People think after this news if it is approved that the battle is over. That isn't true. There are 4 steps to getting this permit. this is just step one.

3. if this does get approved this is still a long term hold so don't expect some GME success, won't happen.
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And***com02/20/2021 05:21
pretty sure the notification everyone is talking about is that the RFA was received, just received. it will then be at least 3 months for them to decide on the appeal, probably longer.
by that time hopefully we have enough people gambling in this so I can get out at a profit. then put all my money into ARKX when it finally opens.

dustin_smith02/20/2021 05:41

it was already received what they are waiting for is if it is completed.


Escape Velocity02/20/2021 02:05
wtf? gme is worthless paper. This is copper gold moly rhenium in the ground. This has intrinsic value

feeding frenzy02/20/2021 18:43

so is buying a stock....the only time it holds value like the way you speak of is if you can physically hold it in your hand. if you have copper from that mine, you have real value. the shares you are holding for the mine right now are just as valuable than gme....

dom***com02/20/2021 02:42

we don't have to wait 5 years. buyout partnership could realistically go to 20. there is weight to both Nak and AK appeals, that and the current climate regarding rare earth supplies? come on, don't be so negative.

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dom***com02/20/2021 02:00
finally something I agree with you on.
all very factual, good on you.

dom***com02/20/2021 02:37

your just overly bearish all the time. that part I disagree with you on

dustin_smith02/20/2021 02:01

everything I say is factual. I don't make stuff up or go off of hope.


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