11/19/2020 04:48

$Naked Brand come on that was amazing.
something like this makes me smile.
if you don't mind me asking what's you're numbers I'm not on right now and I'm not feeling like I missed out I have Personally proven myself to this stock in the past.
but I just wanted to see what you all got today if that's cool. it would also help other trader's if you say what brought you to this stock . post it in here for fun
nothing to win or lose .
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All Comments(6)

Maxmonika11/19/2020 08:37
100k at 0.1674

kentoe-green11/19/2020 14:10

nice ! I'll be happy to see you double it!


Strange Loop11/19/2020 08:17
25k @ .12

kentoe-green11/19/2020 14:09

nicely played


rob***com11/19/2020 05:45

rob***com11/19/2020 07:21

Thanks hoping for another great one today good luck to you and your trades as well

kentoe-green11/19/2020 05:50

looking good! that's definitely something to be proud of!


GFTrader$$11/19/2020 05:45
9,000 @ .0991

kentoe-green11/19/2020 05:49

nicely played! that's definitely a great place to be good luck
don't be afraid to lock in profits.


Joe***com11/19/2020 05:44
5500 at .1220

kentoe-green11/19/2020 05:47

good move.!


ruskivolk11/19/2020 05:08
2600 @0.1459

kentoe-green11/19/2020 05:11

not bad! I'm hoping it hits 29c so you can double it!


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