11/19/2020 09:26

$WESTWATER RES Great Opportunity to Buy Dip before this breaks $10!

Price Target Confirmed at $150 within Next Year which indicates a 3600% Upside Potential. Beta Upgraded to 1.4 and upgraded to Strong Buy!

Rumors of Tesla Partnership and hinted as Buyer of First Shipment of Graphite!

Expecting Announcement Very Soon of Launch of Pilot Plant in Nevada (Located next to Tesla New Gigafactory in Nevade... Coincidence?) and Germany!

Expect News of Buyer for First Order of U.S. Made Lithium Ion Battery Grade Graphite.

Expect News of Patents for new lines of Graphite

Only U.S. Supplier of Lithium Ion Battery Grade Graphite

Federal Exectutive order to Boost Domestic Supply Lines and Decouple with China!

$TESLA $Apple $NIO Inc. $Workhorse Group $Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp $VOLKSWAGEN $GE $GM $Sunworks $American Airlines $Naked Brand $Zomedica Corp
Naked Brand-0
Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp-2
Workhorse Group-3
Naked Brand-4
Zomedica Corp-5
Naked Brand-8
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All Comments(7)

northsidedork11/19/2020 16:37
Here's the problem I have with $$WESTWATER RES ,yes they have the only graphite mine in the United States but there's a lot of hurtles for them to be able to break ground. There is a very good chance the municipality, local government, or DEQ stop them from getting the graphite out of the ground. on top of that they sold off their other operations to focus on this mine which means less revenue coming in while they wait to open the graphite mine. They do have other operations but the hype and value for that stock is in the mine that they haven't been able to open.


Kor***com11/19/2020 15:07


🐈 Cat11/19/2020 11:43
Hey guys, we have the freedom to express our thoughts here is USA?
SW is protecting his investment, Why are you stopping him?
I like what he posts....


Solo11/19/2020 09:36

Swiftwind11/19/2020 09:37

no. what you gonna do


Kash11/19/2020 09:27
Bro get your bagholding ass outa here

ree***com11/19/2020 09:29

all I'm saying is the one day he stopped posting this long rambling shit was the best day for the stock.


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