02/19/2021 02:21

Here's a list of stocks you guys should look at. I'm not telling you to buy but it doesn't help if some of you are putting all your money into one stock when you should be looking at others as well.

$Northern Dyn , $VAXART , $Genworth Fincl (It's currently on the low end and yes this is the free stock that WeBull gives but it is good for long/Medium term investment. ) , $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. , $AT&T (Long Term Investment).

Just put a few bucks in but still hold what or if you got any of the stocks below.


$AMC Ent Holdg , $DogeCoin , $Naked Brand , $GameStop
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All Comments(13)

CharlieBitMe02/19/2021 16:03
SNDL!! Lmao you are joking..

Myth02/19/2021 16:35



rayrose7702/19/2021 06:54
Dude must be toting some seriously heavy bags cuz all of these stocks suck balls😂

Myth02/19/2021 07:03

Says the person riding in the Sundial stock as well. what's so wrong about trying to get more buyers?

Dogecoin has literally nothing behind it and it's up 100x the price.


EsoHealth02/19/2021 06:01

Myth02/19/2021 07:06

Atleast give stock advice if you are commenting, what's the problem with trying to get people to buy more stock or atleast expose them to something that isn't GME, Doge, or AMC


Per***com02/19/2021 05:02
all losers from hype and not real company growth

Myth02/19/2021 07:00

AT&T, GNW, NAK, and VXRT isn't from the hype all the ones on the bottom that I tagged are.


Ape02/19/2021 02:38
wait on doge until it hits about 2 or 3

Myth02/19/2021 02:41

I had money in doge from 3 years ago I bought it as a joke but it paid off lol, not taking smack on any of the stocks I named just trying to help people that are extremely on top of that one stock.


BloodDiamonds02/19/2021 02:32
Sundial... 😂😂😂


Yovani Tecuautzin02/19/2021 02:31
$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. is not the best place to put money in.


Dtoro02/19/2021 02:31
😩😩😆😆😆😆Plz dont listen to this clown SNDL took all his credit away

Myth02/19/2021 02:32

ok I'll take SNDL off than lmfao, I didn't lose any money actually.


lgo***com02/19/2021 02:30

Myth02/19/2021 02:44

that stock looks alittle scary right now. I hope you prove me wrong brother!


Tizzman02/19/2021 02:28
Haters gon hate

Myth02/19/2021 02:46

no hate just love. not dissing no stocks I'm in it for the win for every stock I mentioned. Hope our luck pays off!


chr***com02/19/2021 02:27
You're obviously new to this.

Myth02/19/2021 02:47

new or not don't you want me to buy and hold stocks or do you want me to sell?


Gav***com02/19/2021 02:24
Sundial hilarious lmao


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