03/06/2021 17:34

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Amp***com03/06/2021 21:05
Very good sign. Green all day Monday!


xBlaze6603/06/2021 18:10
Was that today ? Saturday?

PennyStockWarrior03/06/2021 18:13

Todays is Saturday


Joe***com03/06/2021 18:07
Its also very very good for hedgies and politicians...


ProTrollNumber803/06/2021 17:43
its short term good news and horrible long term news

Stomper03/07/2021 00:25

You'd have to first define what "educational and non-conspiracy" means, because it sounds like it might mean "anything I don't want to hear".

todrungren07403/06/2021 20:00

now what's your reasoning for assuming that? educational, non-conspiracy answers only please

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Richkidd03/06/2021 17:43
It has to go back to the HOUSE for a another vote. So we aint clear yet

Riding_therocket03/06/2021 17:46

No changes it will Pass. its on the Record by house Major leader


SpaceApe03/06/2021 17:43
It's going back to the House for a modification the Senate made. But yes, checks are on the way.


swe***com03/06/2021 17:40


A Bull'$ Agenda03/06/2021 17:39
good news because people will keep buying more haha.

Stomper03/07/2021 00:26

yep. Nothing in life is free and Short term benefit is usually at the cost of Long term prosperity.

EpicTG03/06/2021 18:24

Yeah but inflation fears will drive more season investors to bonds.


210****92203/06/2021 17:39


Iamlegion391203/06/2021 17:37
but its it good news? wouldn't this spike inflation fears?

Retail Rebellion03/06/2021 20:04

Wow making fun of someone but actually getting it completely wrong...inflation doesnt send bond prices up, it brings them down while increasing their yield. Interest rates are the other half of the equation and the fed wont be raising those anytime soon

jas***com03/06/2021 18:53

well you are right you are def no economics major. inflation sends bonds prices upward. why do you think its moving up so fast currently?

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