05/05/2020 20:45

$Nordic Amer Tank DHT Q1 Balance Sheet key take-aways:
+178% Net Revenue increase YoY for Q1
+408% EPS increase YoY for Q1
+560% divident increase YoY for Q1

*Paid $72M of their debt this quarter.
*Increased their cash by $8.5M

**This was based off the average rate of $65K per day.
Bottom of release states that so far doe Q2 They are averaging $110K per day
Nordic Amer Tank-0
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All Comments(3)

petey123005/05/2020 21:20
because in this market making money is a bad thing! such bullshit that a NEEDED industry has negative speculation. media is at fault hyping this. this stock with be no more than $7 because the conglomerates have already determined the price until 2020 end. there goes my money...


📨 itmdiscord@gmail05/05/2020 21:09
inflated for Q2, not for Q1.


DADDY$05/05/2020 20:47
That's impressive, no idea why this is going down though.


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