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Watchlist (Feb 22nd-26th)

CLOV- This is a $20 stock (another one Im considering putting for our challenge). Any entry in the $10’s range would treat you really well! I would go with shares on this one, its definitely cheap enough. We are also reaching the oversold range here.

SPRQ- they will be merging with a SPAC very soon called Sunlight Financial. Right now they are called Spartan Acquisition & they specialize in solar energy. Ark has invested in this company. & Chamath invested about $250 million on this stock. They are working alongside TSLA. Entry in the 12’s would treat you well! This is a PAYtience game on this one. They have funded $3.5B worth of contracts for solar energy. Price target is $36-40 in 3 years. (Side Note: the merger could make this go banana’s).

PLTR- you can check #dd & #technical-analysis on this one! We made 40% on this one! but my target is still $50-55! $30 March 19th Calls are pretty safe in my opinion! Sold out because I didn’t want to hold through the weekend with the depreciation factor but looking to get back in on Monday (might be our first play for our challenge to a milli).

NBY- This company focuses on eye products and they recently got news that hasn’t been priced in to the price yet. Next earnings will be HUGE, coming up on March 25th. Productivity is diminished by eye issues and I see high potential in this one. Not to mention their e-commerce business which can be a subscription based business of getting this to you. They also have no debt. ($1.27 entry). Has an immediate gap to fill to $2.31 or you can hold long for more.

HSTO- these guys focus on therapeutics with people that struggle with hair loss. They have many news catalysts coming in their pipeline. They also have tech to fight off viruses (connection with COVID?). PT on this is $12-15 in the next 12 months. The Last pipeline to take note is they have a pipeline to rebuild cartilage by stem cells. All 3 pipelines are MASSIVE and are in huge demand. Vanguard, Blackrock and Renaissance are invested in this.

LESL- With all the insurance claims in Texas.. this company can be HUGE. Imagine all the pipes and pools that need to be fixed. Not to mention how oversold this ticker is. Immediate gap up to $28-29. I think the biggest thing to take note is earnings for this one. I would hold this until the next earnings. I don’t know if it’ll be included in earnings on May 6th. So I would focus more on shares and some call options. I would buy this asap at current share price or entry for options- March $20 Call options.

JKS- Institutions have increased ownership by 10% (They now own 68%)! Big watch on this one! We are seeing some support building around the $58 range. Thats where I would get in and set your stop loss 5% below that. Target $80+

RIOT- Bitcoin will be HUGE and continue to grow throughout the months to come (PT on this will be $80-90). Yes this one is up huge already but so is Bitcoin! I see a flag formation starting to happen on the daily. So watch to see some consolidation before it goes higher.

JMIA- We all know this as the Amazon of Africa. Earnings coming up on the 24th, got beat down recently. Im thinking guidance can look really good! Two ways we can play this is either a ramp up to earnings or if there’s no run up, hold for earnings news. No entry on this one yet. I would love this to fall more though and get a greedy entry at $40-41.

KRKR- these guys focus on online media publishing offering a new economy focused content in China. This can become HUGE because they provide education in very short audio clips (2-3min).. A lot of people have short attention spans now days and I think this can be revolutionary in terms of learning. I also am a huge fan of subscription based businesses.. this is a rising trend. I see this over $6 easy! Entry at $5 would treat you real well.

**Remember that Im not a broker or financial advisor, always do your own Due Diligence on every play. We always try to beat wall street by finding trends before they happen. Trends are your friend. Always put a good portion of your portfolio on safer long term plays and keep a smaller portion for high risk/high reward plays. You can also refer to last weeks watchlist as a lot of those plays are still very valid (TAP, BB, PSTH, LULU, NIO, UAVS, FNKO, NGA) or my current holds (UAVS, FNKO, CCL, EH, LKCO, HEXO, NGA etc)

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Mystery2102/21/2021 07:11
Thank you

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309****88702/21/2021 05:13
bruh great minds think alike watch nio for a nice earnings run to 70 with this 55 dip buy as well

Houdini02/21/2021 12:48

Yessir! NIO is a good one


bj.***com02/21/2021 01:57
very informative & helpful, thanks for sharing!

Houdini02/21/2021 01:57



long trinh02/21/2021 01:52
thank a lot .

Houdini02/21/2021 01:52

No worries


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