09/14/2020 21:41

$Netflix Yall know just cause you cancel netflix , it doesnt cancel Cuties? It is not a netflix film, And it will be around with out netflix Just like “I pedophile”. its directed and written by a self made black women in fRance wHich won awards with this film at sundance earlier this year before netflix decided to trash it with terrible advertising. If you are going to Cancel netfliX do it because they suck, & not because of Maimouna Gueye. who based this on her own experiences and the experiences and storys SHE gathered from PRETEENS in the area. Unfortunately this is happening workd wide and i think this opened a lot of peoples eyes. I hope it comes out as a book.
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All Comments(8)

Crystal Rae09/15/2020 09:06
$Netflix If you think this wont drop more you dont realize how subscription works. Its monthly cycle when them monthly cycles hits is when you will see. if you want to buy in I would wait a month or two af...

Calliefornia2209/15/2020 11:29

My post was strictly about people thinking just because they cancel netflix that movie will not go away. Ive gotten out of Netflix’s subscribtion monthes agO, because they suck. i got out off my stocks, becUse they suck and i will not be gettiNg back in. there are way bettter Platforms.


Jdee 09/14/2020 22:51
youre Just trying to prevent the downhill drop lol

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 22:56

No lol I literally said in the post netflix sucks..


Bullsdeep09/14/2020 22:45
got an award huh....

ummok09/14/2020 23:20

co founded with Robert Redford and hasn't been involved with them in over 20 years. I researched it by looking at real articles and not random Facebook memes lol

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 22:59

You also know he was arrested last year 2019, and the movie went to sundance January of this year 2020 he has zero influnece if even knowledge of this film 🤷🏼‍♀️🤓


FOMO_DEMON🤬09/14/2020 22:05
your insane

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 22:26



Johnny5stillalive09/14/2020 21:45
wow finally, somebody with some sense. These comments have been killing me all day Lol.

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 21:46

Bro its been killing me, because the whole pOint to the mOvie is getting lost do to Netflix


VallesMarineris09/14/2020 21:44
A book would be fantastic. MAP fan service isn’t.

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 21:47

But i agree , lets Rid all the kids dance shows 🤷🏼‍♀️

Calliefornia2209/14/2020 21:47

If you watch the official trailer to the move its not what netflix make it out to be at all.


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