01/07/2021 12:42

$NORTHERN GENESIS So i sold at $23.50 yesterday... took some decent profit. I have to admit the chaos in DC made me panic a bit. Now I hopefully will be able to buy back lower this morning 😬. If I have to buy back higher, oh well. I want to buy before any Cramer and Lion CEO interview is aired... as it actually might move this up another 5-10%. Super bullIsh on Lion!!!
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WOLF01/07/2021 14:28
fake bull

Ay201/07/2021 14:29

Nope. Very bullish. it was DC chaos that made me panic. Dumb move and I’ll admit it.


Vohs90701/07/2021 14:09

Ay201/07/2021 14:10

Regrets! 😬


Matt Swade Trades All Day 01/07/2021 12:56
i did the same on all my green position....can't take a chance there will always be dips for re entry.


Met***com01/07/2021 12:55
I got nervous too bro


Ay201/07/2021 12:44
Im waiting until open and hoping for a little drop at open. Why did I sell?! Fml. Hope this works out for me.

Vohs90701/07/2021 14:11

News doesnt burn people that understand the company as a whole. nothing about lion has changed because people flooded the capItol building

neo***com01/07/2021 13:42

I sold as soon as I saw that picture of people scaling the wall at the white house, I sold as well.. Don't feel bad for managing risk.. Too many times I've been burned by the news

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