01/09/2021 13:25

$NORTHERN GENESIS Alright. I need to make this post more accruate and correct some math. We can now deduce the average cost of a Lion truck (of course this will vary a lot) is $400k. Their CN sale was for 50 trucks valued at $20m. The Amazon agreement for 2500 trucks valued at $1b. I don’t know how much their buses cost but lets say a base model is about $300k.

One major city in Canada, Toronto, is buying 900 e-buses between 2018-2027 ... let’s say they are valued at $300k, that’s a minimum spend of $270m for one city in 10 years. If you start to add up major cities in USA/Canada, you can imagine how many buses and trucks will be required to replace old ICE buses/trucks. This was my original point... that the EV craze is justified (but I overestimated the cost of an e-bus). Lion will certainly get a lot of contracts in Canada since they already have the product line on the road (over 6 million miles driven) and already has the clients.

The only issue I see for Lion is proving they can expand efficiently. 2 new factories coming soon (new vehicle and battery factories... one likely in USA and other in Canada).
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Ay201/10/2021 15:18
Lion has already “identified 6000 potential vehicles sales” in the next 4 years. So they certainly need the new factories they are planning.
(old news on their website about merger with NGA)

6000 vehicles @ $400k (average cost) =
$2.4 billion.

It seems the deeper you research Lion, the better it gets.


StockShark01/10/2021 07:32
How do you think this stock would do if we hit crash?

Ay201/10/2021 12:29

Almost all stocks could obviously be impacted. If a crash happens soon, there will be a larger impact on any growth stock with uncertainty. However, governments around the world are pushing for EVs and this sector for e-bus and e-trucks will be less impacted than in the retail consumer market (cars). You could always set a stop loss for a portion of your investment to ensure you don’t lose too much during a quick drop (and buy back lower when market corrects). Longterm, I have no worries.


jon***com01/09/2021 22:25
Well done, thank you


Feves444501/09/2021 16:55
Nice DD- biden also wants all US buses (480,000) electric. Lion Should snag a decent portion of that future market

Ay201/09/2021 20:44



Met***com01/09/2021 14:47
Does lion have the space to produce all that is/gets ordered?

Ay201/09/2021 14:51

Technically not really. They can currently produce 2500 trucks/year. They need more factories to probably keep up with the known 300+ purchase orders (of who knows how many vehicles). But dont worry... their agreement with amazon somewhat ensures these 2 new factories will get going quickly. The new vehicle factory is going to be WAY larger than their existing one!


Ay201/09/2021 14:33
Lion expects to drastically cut their manufacturing costs as well (by 50%). once new factories are up & running, that will be another indicator of healthy growth... if they can prove reduction in costs/vehicle and grow quickly, they will knock out (and perhaps acquire) smaller competitors.

I’m obviously going long. Just my opinion so be easy on me if I made a mistake or am proven wrong.


Matt Swade Trades All Day 01/09/2021 13:57
so nice when webuller actually does real financial due diligence, instead of DD 😅

nice work

Ay201/09/2021 14:33



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