Heavy D (TTT)

09/11/2020 17:53

$NIO Inc. Take emotion out and play the probability? I called out 19.00-20.00 stike and I think it has a fairly high probability of hitting above that (when🤔 thinking now waiting on Monday PM and then MO short calls and going with Oct Exp.

P.S. got my calls with profit from puts on last Friday. So no real risk to me
NIO Inc.-0
NIO Inc.-1
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All Comments(4)

Heavy D (TTT)09/11/2020 18:28
Let’s play a game Armaan

BicuriousCougar09/11/2020 20:01

LOL radio silence


Fake Fiat Fed Money09/11/2020 18:01
i thought u were a shorter on this. this a fake Heavy?

Heavy D (TTT)09/11/2020 18:10

I play price action! I make more on puts but this could still have gas. (No pun intended)


Canadian Stock Trader09/11/2020 18:00
so your saying 20 by monday ?

goodluck with that lol

Heavy D (TTT)09/11/2020 18:08

I’m pretty sure I said I’m going to see what happens Monday PM🤨 I may buy puts who tf knows in this kangaroo market.. that’s my first thought


ArmaanOG09/11/2020 17:55
dude your the fakest person on here seriously lol. you just all your put money now lol

Heavy D (TTT)09/13/2020 14:44

I actually used 10% of my profit from puts to buy Calls🤨 lets see what next week brings

Heavy D (TTT)09/11/2020 17:57

Ohh the fucktard does speak😂


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